How are Index Limits Reached?

I'm attempting to estimate a reasonable limit to the index mappings variable and I'm in dire need of knowledge regarding what all contributes to the limit (I've read field/object mappings and field aliases go toward this limit, but I'm unsure what those look like).

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Are you referring to the number of mapped fields in an index, as per Mapping limit settings | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic?

Yeah, that is the limit I'm going past

Take a look at the _mapping endpoint on the index you are getting these warnings from. This will show you the fields that are being created and causing the warning.

Yep, I've taken a look at the /_mapping/<index name> endpoint. I've made a preliminary guess at how to predict the number of mapping index slots(?) that are being used by counting the number of times "type" (including the quotes) is used. This isn't an exact number though, its usually ~4 below what is required for the index to not throw errors.

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