How big should an index be for 2x data node cluster

I did a query at my elastic nodes today.

curl -X GET "http://$IP:9200/_cat/indices?v"

I did see that i have some index that are 80-90Gb and some are smaller.
Is that normal or do i have some wrong settings ?
Does the big index impact on search from graylog/kibana ?
I have a Rotation period for 1day and Max number of indices set to 60 so i could have log for 60days and Max. number of segments set to 1 and shards to 4

Are you using ILM here?

What is ILM ?


We are not Using ILM, we are using graylog that manage our retation.

You will need to ask the graylog team then, that rotation setup is not anything we can assist with sorry.

But an index of 90GB isn't terrible, even if we do recommend 30-50GB ourselves.

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