How can 3rd party application notify Kibana about timeframe events?


Is it possible to set time frames in Kibana? For example let's say that logs are constantly flowing to elasticsearch and some application finds event at 12.12.18 14:00 and monitors it until it cease to exist at 12.12.18 16:30. is it possible to somehow notify Kibana that there was event from 12.12.18 14:00 to 12.12.18 16:30 and then just choose it from events list?

Another example lets say that test is running, results are sent to elasticsearch and there is dashboard in Kibana to monitor the test. 1st test was running from 10.10.18 10:00 to 10.10.18 12:00, later there was second test that was running 14.10.18 6:00 to 14.10.18 15:00. How can I send this timeframes to Kibana so that it would show results for this two timeframes on dashboard, compare them or generate reports ?

In other means i want to be able to choose events that happened and show them in kibana without first checking when it did start and when it did end, after that going to Kibana and setting timeframe by hand.

Generating an UUID for each event that will be shared by all the documents sent to ES in that timeframe would help you in separating them in Kibana Visualizations (split some kind of aggregation by Term, where the field for it is the UUID field).
Another way would be to create a new index for each event but it would be harder to manage.

Ok, thanks I will try it out.

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