How can a document get take 38 seconds?

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We have an application which uses 5.1.2 java client with transport protocol and a 5.1.2 cluster. The app measures elastic response times and some get operations return in the order of tens of seconds.

An example shows 38036.18004 ms response time for this index for a simple document get:

curl -s 'http://localhost:9200/_cat/shards?v' | grep 'accounts_2 '
accounts_2       0     r      STARTED  2366203 745.4mb fe05
accounts_2       0     p      STARTED  2366203 738.2mb fe02
accounts_2       0     r      STARTED  2366203 740.4mb fe04

The segments look like this (the index was created in 2.4 and later upgraded to 5.1):

curl -s 'http://localhost:9200/_cat/segments?v' | egrep '^index|accounts_2 '

I wonder: how can a document get last 38 seconds? At that time, the cluster was green.
There are other queries running while this happens and the statistical breakdown looks OK:

      N           Min           Max        Median           Avg        Stddev
x 2574735      0.328462      38036.18      1.101684     8.7738861     126.71908

Meaning from nearly 2.6M doc gets the slowest was 38 seconds, but the median shows a healthy 1.1 ms, so there are only some (but a constant amount of) slow queries.

While running on ES2.4, there weren't any such slow queries. The average was nearly the same as the median.

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This is the same as How to find out why a document get is slow?, so feel free to add more to that thread if required, but creating more threads makes it harder to help :slight_smile:

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