How can elasticsearch automatically index documents inside the tmp / es directory of fscrawler?

I frequently change data, so my json files inside fscrawler's tmp / es directory are constantly changing. may be deleting, may be changing the data inside a json file, or changing the json file name.
I am currently having problems as the index's document doesn't update itself when I change the data inside the tmp / es directory of fscrawler.
Hope everybody help please.

Which OS? Windows ?

yes, I use OS

You meant MacOS I guess.
I do test file changes on this platform and it's working well.
To reproduce the problem, could you describe step by step what you are doing?
Also run FSCrawler in debug mode so we can see why an added/modified file is not indexed.
Probably an issue with the date of the file. You might have to touch the file.

Yes, I'm sorry, my meant is MacOS
Thanks for your answer,
Currently, I am able to indexed files that I have added or modified.
The problem I am having is that if I delete a file in the index folder, the document that I just deleted, cannot be deleted in elasticsearch.

Let's follow up on

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