How can I apply a threshold for a bar graph in Kibana?

I've gone through this particular ticket, which pretty much talks about adding a threshold line, to a line graph.

In my case, I'm having a bar graph like this where I need to have a threshold, lets say for example in the above graph itself I should be able to show the difference in each and every bar.

In other words as per the above graph, it's displaying the sum of chargeamount according to the filter I've given. What I need to do is, to show the difference using a color in the same bar itself if the sum of chargeamount is greater than 50,000.

So is there a way that I can show the bar with the default color for the filter (ie: the ones which are less than 50,000) and the rest should be shown in a different color conveying the threshold. So that the user can see the difference in the bar itself, whether they've achieved more than 50k.

Is this possible using a bar graph or should I be get going with some other graph?


Just noticed that this issue is still open. Any enhancement over that, or any work around available atm?

Any help could be appreciated. :slight_smile:

You can do this with a timelion viz, but not a standard KB viz.

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@warkolm Oh right, I'll give it a try using timelion then.

But then for the moment, it isn't achievable using the bar?

Thanks for the quick response!

It is not achievable with the default KB bar char.

Oh ok, thank you! I'll have to look another way of showing it then.

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