How can I create a date object from my logs with this format?

I'm sure I'm overthinking this and missing something..
I'm getting logs from a tomcat application where the timestamp is in this format:

2016-07-18 17:55:23.423 -0400

Right now, I'm parsing them as 2 separate fields (@timestamp and OFFSET) and I would like to either
A) parse them together with grok,
B) use the date block to combine them somehow.

The end result is I want to have a date object that has taken the offset into account.

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Hey David,

I have experienced this before.

What you need to do is encapsulate them like this:

(?%{DATE} %{TIME})

What happens here is it says, that I have a TIME and DATE format. And if there is, I need them to be Concatenated and call them "variableName".

I use this Handy tool, so I dont have to keep running Logstash.


(?%{DATE} %{TIME})

Always format stuff like this as code so it comes out the way you intended. I'm pretty sure you meant this:

(?<timestamp>%{DATE} %{TIME})