How can i create Index patterns in Kibana Automatically Every Day

My indexes are created every day like xxx-yy-mm-dd, how can I create index patterns automatically without my involment .Because every day i have plenty indices from elastticsearch and i am manually creating all the index pattens in Kibana it is so much time consuming process.Can anyone helpme out of this how can i create Index patterns in Kibana automatically?

Yes, if you are looking to programatically create index patterns, the best approach at the moment is to modify the contents of the .kibana index directly via the Elasticsearch REST API. You can read a bit about the structure of the .kibana index here:

Fair Warning : Modifying the .kibana index is, of course, not ideal because the index is meant to be an implementation detail of where Kibana stores its objects (index patterns, visualizations, etc.). It's possible the Kibana developers might change something about the structure/semantics of the documents in this index and that would break your script that's programmatically writing to this index.


Thanks for responce It worked you saved me lot iot of time

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