How can I create plugin for custom analyzer


Hi. ES team.

I'm using Elasticsearch 2.1.0.

I want to create custom analyzer using plugin, but I don't know how.

I read ES doc for plugin, and found some project like below, but Following those can't works for me (and too hard) :frowning:

Is there any docs or template projects for someone like me?

Thanks in advance.

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Taking a step back: What exactly do you need the analyzer for? I'm asking because maybe there's something built already that can can solve your usecase.

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Other than that - this is a simple ES plugin that I looked at last time I wanted to write a plugin myself: - not exactly an analyzer plugin, but to me it was helpful for seeing how plugins work in general.

Edit: Just found in an adjacent thread - - has official examples for plugins.


Thanks for reply!

I want to synonymize tokens after tokenizing using my dictionaries.
That's why I want to build on my own.

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Did you check out this:


Yeah, I found that doc, but It's not fit for me
Because I have synonimize module implemented by my teammate, and I have to using it for synonimizing job.
That's why I have to implements customized analyzer.

Thanks for your concern anyway~ :slight_smile:

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Makes sense. Out of pure curiosity: How does your teammate's module differ from the standard synonym filter?


Product names in Korean which fit my company.

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