How can I disable x-pack on ECK

Hi , I am using ECK on mips64el platform. However the x-pack does not support mips64el. How can I disable x-pack module ?

I do not think Elasticsearch supports this platform at all, even in the OSS distribution which does not contain X-pack. Have a look at the support matrix for supported platforms and OS versions.

The elasticsearch image on mips64 platform is build by myself and it runs normally without operator.
Now I remove the x-pack files in module directory and it really works with docker run. However I found that the operator insert some x-pack configuration into elasticsearch.yml such as, which will cause errors. I wonder if there's a way to stop operator instert xpack configuration into elasticsearch.yml?

Use the OSS distribution instead of the default one.

Just use elasticsearch oss distribution image? Anything else need to do with operator image or configuration?

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