How can I display count instead of percentage in pie

I have simple pie-chart visualization.
I want to display labels on the chart with values,
however when go to "Labels Settings" and enable "Show Values", it shows only percentage,
How can I display count instead?

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Doesn't look like it's currently possible to show the count with the label:

However, if you hover over each slice of the pie, you should see the percentage plus the count.

The answer in this post has some "You can enable it" and that's actually what I've done.

Kibana 6.1 add pie labels that show the metric value. You can enable them under options -> Labels Settings -> Show Labels

And I'm ok with displaying count+percentage, but I have no "hover" options, since metric planned to be displayed statically, without user interactions.

It's strange if it's not possible, because previously the was an inverted issue (cant display percentage)

I've just created a pie chart in Kibana 6.4.0. In the "Options" menu you need to select "Show Tooltip" to see the percentages and count.

For my example, I'm doing a term count for port names (http, https, telnet, etc). The legend only shows the port name, however, when I hover over each slice of the chart it shows the value, count, and percentage:

field value count
event_data.DestinationPortName:Descending http 13 (13.83%)

Popa, once again, I don't need it in tooltip. I need it in the label, that's desired to be shown on the display without any mouse or keyboard, for monitoring errors amount, so it should not require any user actions to show count.

Got ya. I understand.

I'm also encountering this same issue when visualizing certain event types. For example, if I visualize a field that has a numerical value (event_id: 1), and do a count, it shows both the value and the percentage.

However, when I do the same for something like (hostname: COMPUTER001), it will only show the percentage value when show values and show labels is enabled.

Hmm, that's interesting. Indeed I have aggregation by Terms.
Maybe there is a way to transform terms into some numeric values ?
"COMPUTER001" : 1,
"COMPUTER002" : 1,
"COMPUTER003" : 1,
"COMPUTER0011" : 1,

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