How can I fix error: ConfigurationError: Missing node(s) option for winston-elasticsearch?

How do I fix an error ConfigurationError: Missing node(s) option . Se the discripton here

Hi, Stein.

Looking at the stack trace you posted in StackOverflow, I see that the error happens in the creation of the Elasticsearch client:

systemtest/step-definition/multiplier.js:7 ConfigurationError: Missing node(s) option at new Client 
(/Users/steinkorsveien/Development/Cucumber/cucumber2/node_modules/@elastic>/elasticsearch/index.js:52:13) at new Elasticsearch

Your code has:

var esTransportOpts = {
  level: 'info' 


           transports: [
               new Elasticsearch(esTransportOpts)

I don't really know anything about this winston-elasticsearch package you are using, but it appears to expect an Elasticsearch Javascript client configuration. Documents for the Elasticsearch Javascript client are here.

In particular, I think you might try something like this for your esTransportOpts variable:

var esTransportOpts = {
  level: 'info',
  clientOpts: { node: 'http://localhost:9200' }

Of course, please adjust that URL to point to your actual Elasticsearch cluster.

I hope this is helpful for you!


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