How can I format a column in Lens so it can operate as a sum of time?

Basically, I have a column in my index that returns the total of time a device is down like this:

But as I go further in time range it turns into something like this:


I need to format this into the right amount of X hours or even into something like "hh:mm minutes".

While in Canvas I know there are multiple ways to approach this I cannot find a way to check this out in Dashboard/Lens. Would be great to have some ideas to how to achieve this.

Best regards!

What version of the stack are you running?

Recently Lens introduced the Duration formatter within the visualization in latest versions (> 8.10) :

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 09.39.24

Before that the Custom format was available (> 8.9):

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 09.39.01

Prior to that, I would suggest to create a runtime field and set a custom formatter for that, which could be either Custom or Duration format.

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