How can I get Automatic Acknowledgement-based Throttling?

This page: suggests that an action will only be executed once (until the condition becomes false and then true again). I would like to get that behavior.

However, I'm not clear on how I would achieve this "one alert per condition". I viewed this page: When I read that page, I see that can manually "ack" an alert, but I want the alert to work automatically as outlined in the previous paragraph -- i.e.

  • alert once
  • mark the alert as already triggered
  • clear the "already triggered" bit when the condition becomes false
  • alert again if the condition ever becomes true.


couldnt you achieve the same with time based throttling and a very high throttle period?


Hey, Alex.
I suspect you are correct, but I'm disappointed that the promise in the early part of the documentation is not fulfilled.



So, I want to re-phrase the question from a different perspective.
I want to understand how to solve the problem outlined in Generic watch, specific alerts, duplicate alerting? before I even think about attempting your suggestion.