How can i get whole data response from elastic search without aggregation in kibana plugin?

Use case:
I want to append a column in data grid(custom) with green, red signal based on difference in time in two different columns? I want to display in one go instead of adding sub buckets and metrics. I can choose which fields to show based on angular filter in my plugin. Is there a way to get whole data response without aggregating? Am i missing something?

Hi there, just so I understand correctly: are you saying that you're developing a plugin to create a data grid with this functionality? If this is correct, can you explain what you mean by getting a "whole data response without aggregating"?


Hi there,
Thanks for replying.
I am creating a plugin with data grid. It consists of two time columns(total 5 columns). I have to take difference of two time columns(Eg. Expected time, Delivered time). Based on the difference i have to use green or red light in another column. This is quite easy to do in just angularJS and using SVG. I am new to Kibana. So getting confused. I am using this:
$scope.watchMulit(['esResponse', ' vis.params'], function() {
//My code here
It seems, data is available only when aggregated with metrics or buckets. I find no suitable metrics for my purpose too. I would not quite need to change the buckets. I want to display whole grid all at once.
But in Kibana is there way to get the data response without aggregating? or Any other way?

It sounds like you're asking about other ways to query Elasticsearch, beyond metric and bucket aggregations. Have you taken a look at the ES documentation? It sounds like you'll need to define a query to do what you want.

Hope this helps,

Thanks. I will look into it.
Can i load ES queries as service inside kibana plugin?
like var response = get(query);

Hey, I'm not sure actually. I don't think I've seen that before. You might want to take a look at our esAdmin service, and dig through Kibana's codebase a bit. Unfortunately, we don't officially support plugin development, so I can't dedicate time to looking into this myself.


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