How can i give color to my Data Table/ Metric/ Markdown Widget in Visualization of Kibana

(Ritesh) #1

How can i give color to my Data Table/ Metric/ Markdown Widget in Visualization of Kibana

To make the look and feel of my Kibana Dashbaord cool, i want to give colors to various visualization components. Please let me know which file i have to touch to change the color

Or can i do this right away from Kibana Dashboard?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Colour customisation isn't yet available in KB4.

(Ritesh) #3


Thanks for your reply, is it something there in road-map with upcoming releases?


(Rashid Khan) #4

In theory this is doable with field formatters in 4.1

(sqpdln) #5

Could you please explain how this is doable with field formatters?

(Ritesh) #6

Hi Rashid

Do we have any solution for this? and what is field formatters?

I need to change the color of histogram chart, right now it gives me default color as green. I want to change it to some other color.

Please let me know if any workaround is available


(Tanya Bragin) #7

I'm not sure how this is doable with field formatters. We are planning to add explicit color selection to the product in a future release, please +1 in Github if this is important to you:

(Ryan Blain) #8

Hi Tanya,

There are dozens of +1's in Github. Any clue to when this may be available?



(Kennedy Kan) #9

I know it is quite an old post, but I would still like to know if this feature has been enabled yet?
Because it seems that I could not find the ways to give color to the Data Table or Metrics in Kibana.

(Donald Tavoletti) #10

Hi Tanya. I have a question about colors. I am using Kibana 5 and I would like to change my Status field in my data table based on its value. For example

if (Status == Complete) {
color = green
else if (Status == Terminated) {
color = red

I attempted to use the visualization:colorMapping in "Advanced Settings", but it has no effect at all.

I tried to add {"Terminated":"Red"}

I'm not sure if I am missing something.

Thank you for your time!


(Bhavya R M) #11

Answered with this discuss issue(?): How To change text or numbers color conditionally in Kibana Data Table


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