How can i give color to my Data Table/ Metric/ Markdown Widget in Visualization of Kibana

How can i give color to my Data Table/ Metric/ Markdown Widget in Visualization of Kibana

To make the look and feel of my Kibana Dashbaord cool, i want to give colors to various visualization components. Please let me know which file i have to touch to change the color

Or can i do this right away from Kibana Dashboard?

Colour customisation isn't yet available in KB4.


Thanks for your reply, is it something there in road-map with upcoming releases?


In theory this is doable with field formatters in 4.1

Could you please explain how this is doable with field formatters?

Hi Rashid

Do we have any solution for this? and what is field formatters?

I need to change the color of histogram chart, right now it gives me default color as green. I want to change it to some other color.

Please let me know if any workaround is available


I'm not sure how this is doable with field formatters. We are planning to add explicit color selection to the product in a future release, please +1 in Github if this is important to you:

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Hi Tanya,

There are dozens of +1's in Github. Any clue to when this may be available?



I know it is quite an old post, but I would still like to know if this feature has been enabled yet?
Because it seems that I could not find the ways to give color to the Data Table or Metrics in Kibana.

Hi Tanya. I have a question about colors. I am using Kibana 5 and I would like to change my Status field in my data table based on its value. For example

if (Status == Complete) {
color = green
else if (Status == Terminated) {
color = red

I attempted to use the visualization:colorMapping in "Advanced Settings", but it has no effect at all.

I tried to add {"Terminated":"Red"}

I'm not sure if I am missing something.

Thank you for your time!


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Answered with this discuss issue(?): How To change text or numbers color conditionally in Kibana Data Table