How can i group multiple dashboards?

I want to group multiple kibana dashboards into one folder. For example if i have dashboards: dashboard-1,dashboard-2,dashboard-3,dashboard-4. Now i want to move dashboard-1,dashboard-2 into folder-1 and move dashboard-3,dashboard-4 into folder-2. So that when user clicks on dashboards link, kibana will display folder-1 and folder-2. When user clicks on any of the folder, kibana will display dashboards accordingly.

Is there any plugin or something for that?

Thank You,

Kibana saved objects don't have folder organization, and I'm not aware of any plugins that can offer that. Sorry!

What I see people do often is run multiple Kibana instances and give each one its own .kibana index (.kibana-1, .kibana-2, .kibana-3, .kibana-4). Put all your dashboard-1 dashboards in the .kibana-1 Kibana instance, etc.

Alright! Thanks

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