How can I identify fuzzy search results with exact results and suggested results?

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Hi Members
Currently Elastic Search fuzzy search is giving results though it matches the query exactly or related to the query . But how can I separate results with exact matched results and suggested or related match results.

Thank you
Vinothkumar K

(Tal Levy) #2

There is no explicit way of getting "here are your exact matches" and "here are your matches that required edits to reach a matching term" separated in your results.

You may be interested in our explain flag that will give you insight into why a certain hit was chosen. This will expose the matching term and its score calculation.

It is a slight pain to programmatically parse, but should give you insight into your resulting matches and which terms your initial query text was "fuzzed" into.

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Thanks @talevy that information was good. Any other suggestions please ?

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See named queries

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Thanks @Mark_Harwood

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