How can I make iteration & loop in logstash?

Hi, I have string data looks like next.


I want parse the value of "detail" field.
First I split with character ","


and for finally I want get field look like next.

"detal_new" : { "B01" : 10, "B02" : 10, "BANK02": 10, "BANK01" : 50, "F04" : 10 }

Now, I need make a loop with "detail" field, and have to split each value with "=".
Then I guess make another object type field with %{value[0]} => %{value[1]}.
I heard that if I want make loop in Logstash, I have to use ruby filter. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with ruby.
Can anyone help me how this can be figured out?

Thank you, for reading and helping me.

Just use the kv filter.

filter {
  kv {
    source => "detail"
    target => "detail_new"
    field_split => ","

The values will be strings instead of numbers, but you can use a mutate filter for the type conversion. If you don't know which fields you've got you'll indeed probably have to use a ruby filter.

I didn't tried kv filter before.
I tryed and it works perfectly. I got exact data I wanted. Thanks a lot :smile: