How can I migrate my v6 dashboards to v7

In kibana 6.8.0 saved visualizations have an element called uiStateJSON, which has been deprecated in kibana 7 (in & However, it seems that there is no migration tool and after upgrading to 7 kibana is not able to migrate the kibana index, with error:

FATAL Error: mapping set to strict, dynamic introduction of [uiStateJSON] within [dashboard] is not allowed.

Can someone advise how to update my dashboards (saved as JSON objects and deployed via kibana import dashboards API)?

Hi. There is a solution posted by another user Kibana 6.8 to 7.3 fails: [uiStateJSON] within [dashboard] is not allowed - #2 by cawoodm

Unfortunately this doesn't help if uiStateJSON is populated, as their solution was simply to "Edit this JSON file and remove all uiStateJSON elements from the JSON"

Ok, I see. Do you have any warnings related to the migration in the logs? What Kibana version are you migrating to?

Hi @Mikhail_Shustov, thanks for getting back to me.

I am upgrading from 6.8.0 to 7.5.2 and the only error I get in the logs is
"FATAL Error: mapping set to strict, dynamic introduction of [uiStateJSON] within [dashboard] is not allowed"

We have thousands of dashboards, but we have things such as uiStateJSON set to:
"uiStateJSON": "{\"P-1\":{\"vis\":{\"legendOpen\":false}},\"P-2\":{\"vis\":{\"legendOpen\":false}},\"P-5\":{\"vis\":{\"legendOpen\":false}},\"P-4\":{\"vis\":{\"legendOpen\":false}},\"P-6\":{\"vis\":{\"legendOpen\":false}}}",
"uiStateJSON" : "{\"P-1\":{\"vis\":{\"colors\":{\"404\":\"#447EBC\",\"2xx\":\"#629E51\",\"3xx\":\"#CCA300\",\"5xx\":\"#C15C17\",\"Bad Request\":\"#447EBC\",\"Other 4xx\":\"#614D93\",\"Unauthorized\":\"#64B0C8\",\"status: 400\":\"#64B0C8\",\"status: 401\":\"#447EBC\",\"status: [200 TO 299]\":\"#508642\",\"status: [300 TO 399]\":\"#CCA300\",\"status: [402 TO 499]\":\"#2F575E\",\"status: [500 TO 599]\":\"#C15C17\"},\"legendOpen\":true}}}",

Is it possible to still set these at the dashboard level in 7.5.2? Is uiStateJSON still ok to use in visualizations (the import dashboard API has uiStateJSON in the documentation -


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