How can I monitor the size of website frontpage using elk tool

Hi Guys,

I need all your help please, I have a task the needs to monitor the size of website frontpage meaning including CSS, JS and images etc.

Can you guys give me an idea or suggestion what the best tool to use since I already have Kibana, Elasticsearch and hearbeat running.

Thanks in advance

You'll need something that can parse and execute the webpage and keep track of all the content that is downloaded. Headless chrome, or phantom.js, or possibly even a real browser using selenium are possible options (not sure about that last one). That's the hardest part, but once you have that information, you can index it into Elasticsearch and visualize it however you like. You could even visualize each file separately, and look at the size by type (html, css, js, etc).

@Joe_Fleming Thanks for you input, well appreciated.

Also, just want to ask this, is there other way to check the frontpage size of website using the available beats I mean the shipper?

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