How can i run data collect automatically without using command "logstrash -f" after restarting OS

i have many conf file to collect data from different sources, and after a shutdown or restart of the machien i am obliged to run the command "logstash -f test.conf", I want to automate this task and launch it automatically when starting the system how can i do that

Use a service wrapper. On UNIX that would be init, systemd, or whatever is native to your platform. On Windows you have many options including NSSM.

i am using ubuntu i see some people putting .conf file in /etc/logstash/conf.d , is that a good solution

I do not run Ubuntu. The native service manager is version dependent.

It is possible that during installation logstash created a logstash service and you just need to

sudo systemctl enable logstash
sudo systemctl start logstash

yes iknow that but my probelem is not runining logstash at the start of os but run the collect automatically without using "logstash -f input.conf", i want to put the *conf file somewhere to make the collect automatic even if the os is restarted

Point path.config in logstash.yml to that file.

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please can you give ana example of this line; can i specify multiple input.conf in path.config in logstash.yml file.
thank you very much

I believe you can specify a path that includes wildcards, so that would allow multiple files.

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