How to run logstash config file automatically after system restarts?

I want to load/run my logstash config file automatically after system restarts everytime (after updates). How to do that?
Thanks in advance.


I am not expert on that, but I think if you are in a linux machine you just need to run: sudo systemctl enable logstash and it will run automatically after a reboot.

Thanks for your response, but I'm using windows. How we can achieve on the windows systems?

In windows, I think you can run this command: sc config logstash start= auto

HI Rahul,

Take a look at this page:

I used this one when I installed ELK on my windows for the first time. You will need to use a program called NSSM to make Logstash a service in Windows. Then you can configure the service to start when the machine start.

I hope this page could you.


Thelmo Henrique

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