Logstash to run in background services in Windows

How to run the logstash automatically "Services" in Windows, once when the system restarted?

To accomplish this, I installed NSSM first on the system I wanted the service to run from. NSSM which is Non-Sucking Service Manager is an application to help you create services.

After installing it I ran the following command using PowerShell:
Invoke-Expression –command “c:\ ELK\nssm\win64\nssm install Logstash”

Once NSSM opens you'll need to set the Path, Startup directory, and the Arguments. Below is what i use on my nodes.

Path: c:\ELK\logstash\bin\logstash.bat
Startup directory: c:\ELK\logstash\bin
Arguments: -f c:\ELK\logstash\bin\logstash.conf

You can edit the details such as display name and description under details tab as well as other settings and you should be good to go.

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Thank you.

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