How can I see which line of the csv file I am on?

Hello friends, I have a question. When transferring data to elasticsearch with Logstash, can I see which line of the csv file it is in? For example, the field named path shows me which csv file I am in. So, is there a field or a method that shows which line I am in the csv file?

(If I understand it correctly) According to the bellow page, you can't see which line of a csv is shipping into elasticsearch:

The logstash does given methods on whole file

@Farid_N thank you for replying :slight_smile:

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If you are using Elasticstack on linux, you may see details with watch -n 1 'journalctl -u logstash | tail -n 50' on stdout... :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don't use linux, I use windows :frowning: . What I want to do is to show which csv file it is in the source of the document and on which line of that csv file it is after importing the rows to elasticsearch.

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