How can I set up autodiscovery for Dockerized mysql metrics and logs using Elastic Agent managed by Fleet?

Judging from Can I monitor apache inside a docker container? and Autodiscover | Metricbeat Reference [8.4] | Elastic there should be a way to configure autodiscovery of my MySQL/MariaDB containers.

When I try adding a MySQL Metrics integration, though, I don't see any fields I could use for the autodiscover configuration.

Same story for Docker Metrics integration.

For logs, I'm sure I could use Custom Logs integrations just fine, but I'm pretty sure that adding Metricbeat autodiscovery config there wouldn't work... I believe the custom logs "custom configurations" field becomes part of Filebeat's config. So that wouldn't work for Metricbeat configuration.

My specific set up is a Docker Swarm with 3 managers, 3 workers, all on Ubuntu 22.04. Elastic Agent is installed directly on the vm's. It is NOT in a container. Agent is managed via Fleet in Kibana.

FYI, I'd also like to configure autodiscovery of Apache Status metrics.

Has anyone figured this out? Would you mind sharing?

Thanks in advance!

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