How can I share Kibana Dashboard to customers with time filter?

Hi all!!!
I would like to share my dashboards with my customers... but I can't find many customization options...
When I embed the dashboard in HTML page after clicking SHARE --> EMBED CODE --> SAVED OBJECT the embedded dashboard doesn't have the time filter ... why?
I would like to remove "add filter" and add the time filter... is it possibile?



The URL it provides should have the current time filter (and any other filters) automatically applied. You can see this in the src for the iframe that is added to your clipboard:

<iframe src="http://localhost:5601/app/kibana#/dashboard/edf84fe0-e1a0-11e7-b6d5-4dc382ef7f5b?embed=true&_g=(refreshInterval%3A(pause%3A!f%2Cvalue%3A900000)%2Ctime%3A(from%3Anow-7d%2Cto%3Anow))" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

Note the _g part of the URL, those are the "global" settings that should be applied. As you can hopefully see in that example, there is a "from" and "to" value for time (time%3A(from%3Anow-7d%2Cto%3Anow)). This is a RISON-encoded javascript object, setting "from" to "now-7d" and "to" to "now", meaning it will show the last 7 days of data.

If you pick the desired time range before generating the share code, you'll get that range by default. Alternatively, you can also update the value by modifying the times in the URL by hand. If you want to do this in code, rison-node is what we use to decode and encode the settings object.

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