How can we do data drilling in with pie chart or some other ?not graph!

(Gokul Kathirvel) #4

yes i have done both ,,what i need is where selections in one viz and also one field automatically filter the set of docs represented in other visualizations (data drilling)

(Mark Harwood) #5

This happens automatically when you click on a bar or pie slice etc (assuming the 2 visualizations are looking at the same dataset)

(Gokul Kathirvel) #6

not sure this ..
exact requirement is here

(Mark Harwood) #7

That issue was closed in favour of which is about drilling down from one dashboard to another.

However, if you stay in the same dashboard with multiple visualizations, clicking on one visualization will "drill down" the set of docs viewed by all visualizations in that same dashboard. Obviously the visualizations in a single dashboard share the same screen so maybe what you're asking for is a drill-down where you go to a single full-screen visualization that does not share screen-space with other visualizations?

(Gokul Kathirvel) #8

i will read topic ..
and i have observed that my dashboard setting not showing panel options ,add/edit link ,copy to other dashboard

(Mark Harwood) #9

Why do you need to open another dashboard? What's wrong with 2 visualizations on one dashboard?

(Gokul Kathirvel) #10

am not looking for other dashboard,its other kibana visualization link ...and add/edit link is not available for me in my options .. may i know the reason??

(Mark Harwood) #11

Building links between visualizations using long-form URLs is arguably a brittle way of wiring together a system of linked visualizations. The full-length URLs used contain detailed state about all of the settings in a visualization which are fiddly for users or software to reuse as templates by injecting just the bit that represents the query parameter. For example, Graph's drill down links broke when there were changes to how the query part of the URL was encoded in among the visualization's settings. As a result I opened this issue to promote cleaner more robustly link-able visualizations but I've not seen any progress on that front. I don't think it is a design goal to promote direct cross-linking between visualizations.

(Gokul Kathirvel) #12

then what is the solution???am using basic kibana version ,,,if i upgrade to gold or premium can i get the options for direct data drill down??
like below picture you can find options like add/link but in my kibana am unable to see that options

(Mark Harwood) #13

Where is that image from?

(Gokul Kathirvel) #14

link you have provided

(Mark Harwood) #15

That's an "initial concept" mock-up from a still-open issue.

(Gokul Kathirvel) #16

ok so whats your opinion for my problem ???am totally strucked ..i will say an example so that you can suggest me a solution !!
pie chart with one field named as "hospital",if i click over that "Hospital field ",it should list the hospital name's in data table chart in the same dashboard or different dashboard
(Linking to other visualization 'data drill down process') any idea!! @Mark_Harwood

(Mark Harwood) #17

I expect you mean "value" not "field" here. e.g you have a field called "buildingType" and the values are things like "Hospital", "Library", "Bank" etc.

I expect this might be a "Data table" widget showing values from the "buildingName" or perhaps "buildingAddress" field.

If these 2 visualizations were in the same dashboard (as per my initial suggestion) all would work when you clicked on any of the slices in the pie chart

(Gokul Kathirvel) #18

as per your suggestion , if it is 2 visualizations were in the same dashboard all would work when clicked on any of the slices in the pie chart but if i gave filter r click event rather than modifying all virtualization chart in same dashboard,i have to modify particular one ...How can we achieve this ??

(Mark Harwood) #19

Sorry, I don't understand the question

(Gokul Kathirvel) #20
this is what am looking ...

(Mark Harwood) #21

Duplicate request - see Drill down on charts

Best to continue any discussion on there around creating a custom plugin but I expect that's more work than you want to take on.

(Gokul Kathirvel) #22

ok thank you for your replies..

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