How to design Drill Down chart and Dashboard using Kibana


how we can design drill down Charts using kibana ? Is there any plugin available for the same ? any kind of pointers would be appreciated

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Drilling down is as basic as having a visualisation and then filtering based on one of the values.

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Suppose there is a dashboard has a split chart which represents products with respect to the companies (lets say in X-axis we 've the companies list and in Y-axis we 've the products) If a user wants to see the information about a particular product and he click over it, then the dashboard should display another graph with information about that particular product alone How this can be achieve in kibana ?


If you click that product then the rest of the visualisations in the dashboard will only display data related to that product.

not sure this feature that I 've pointed is available in kibana

exact requirement is here

If you have a pie chart and a table, if you select a value from the pie chart then the table will only contain results related to whatever filter is applied.
But it won't take from you a pie chart into a filtered table.


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