How can we make output to elasticsearch host array to load from a file

Hi, when logstash output to elasticsearch , in our case the hosts can be changed quite frequently. is there any way we can configure the hosts to load from certain files instead of change the server inside logstash conf itself? we are versionized logstash conf so dont want to create a new version just because the server list change.

This isn't possible out of the box. Since you're going to have to reload the Logstash configuration anyway, perhaps you could generate the configuration file based on a template before you reload the config?

Thanks mag for quick reply. but filer plugin part is impossible to generate from scratch, means i have to merge the org logstash conf (with filter plugin and everything inside) and make the new output host config to replace the hosts value in org my understanding correct?

You can put the elasticsearch output configuration in a file of its own, but yeah I think you get the idea.

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