How can we Reload full filebeat.yml?

please help........

Can we implement this feature using signal and channel in windows.

Hello @talbehat,

Filebeat already support reloading using external file, what options do you want to change which is not supported by that feature?

Thanks @pierhugues for reply

i need to all settings which is mention in filebeat.yml.

Filebeat support reloading using external file, only for input path, but we need to reload all settings present in filebeat.yml if require, as such logstash provides us reload functionality for any changes on input, filter, output configuration.

You are correct, you cannot reload outputs or any other top level config for Filebeat.
But it should be doable we did a lot of ground work in beats to support config management which can reload an output. I suggest you create an enhancement request on the beats repository at

I am not sure exactly which setting you want to change, but there are workaround for some options like using DNS when defining hosts for the outputs.

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