How can we use Google Drive as a snapshot repository?

(David Reagan) #1

I work at a community college and we have "unlimited" storage with Google Apps for Education. I was wondering if I could take advantage of that and use Google Drive as a snapshot repository for our logs.

So, has anyone figured out a way to do so?

The closest I found to this on Google was I'd use that tool to mount Google Drive, then set up a repo in the mount. But it's definitely targeted at users, not headless systems... So I wonder about reliability...

(Mark Walkom) #2

It's not a repository type we currently support, though I encourage you to raise a feature request on GH to get it added :smile:

(David Pilato) #3

FYI there is a similar PR pending here

(David Reagan) #4

After some investigation, it's 10TB per user. And, I think, we get unlimited users.

Though, as I think about it, something feels off about tying a repo to a Google Apps user... I'm not really sure what though.

@dadoonet That pull request is for which, afaik, is not part of Google Apps for Education.

(system) #5