How cloud I build the filebeat image after change some code in beats/libbeat?

I have add following code in the file beats/libbeat/kafka/config.go:

if config.EnableIdempotent {
		k.Producer.Idempotent = true
		k.Net.MaxOpenRequests = 1
		k.Producer.RequiredAcks = sarama.WaitForAll

Now I don't know How to build a filebeat docker image for me? Who cloud help for me. Thanks very much.

@ ChrsMark

Hey @Icedroid,

You can build a docker image from source running the following command from the filebeat directory:

PACKAGES="docker" PLATFORMS="linux/amd64" mage package

@jsoriano what would be the parameters for .Deb/.rpm packaging? Is it documented somewhere?

I couldn't find documentation :thinking: Package types are defined in beats/pkgtypes.go at 3d19ec04aaf73b20eafb9d5283a43c17543d8b4f · elastic/beats · GitHub

For deb/rm it would be deb or rpm, or deb,rpm for both.

Not setting PACKAGES builds all the available packages for each selected platform.

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Awesome, thanks.

Thanks very much. help for me.

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