How create 2 different indexs with same file source?

this is my conf file and it's ok i've created an index with only errors match
but now it's possible create a second indexs with file warning or custom?

code => "event.cancel if not event.get('message').include? 'WARN' " 

elasticsearch {
			hosts => ["elasticsearch:9200"]
			index => "warn"  ?????? other index file??? is possible

my file logstash.conf

input {
  file {
    path => [ "/logstash_dir/P1/*.*",
                     "/logstash_dir/P2/*.*" ]
      start_position => "beginning"

filter {
   ruby {
             code => "event.cancel if not event.get('message').include? 'ERROR' " 

output {

		elasticsearch {
			hosts => ["elasticsearch:9200"]
			index => "errors"
		stdout { codec => rubydebug }	

You could remove the ruby filter and do something like

hello very good but is possible use (ruby or other sintax ) for personalize other type of index?


  1. if I would like to create separate indexes based on the path of origin
  2. if I would like to create separate indexes based on advanced text contains

You can use conditionals with multiple branches. See this thread.

Splitting your data into a large number of small indexes is not a good practice because a large number of indexes/shards is more costly than a single index with tagged events.

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