How Data scientist can use data stored in elasticsearch


I have a new project to do an IA project ( predictive maintenace). I'm looking for an architecture to store the data for the Data scientist. We hesitate between PostgreSQL or Elasticsearch.
My proposititon currently is to use Elastcisearch as a Database. As my information, elasticsearch store data in a documents using indexes.
My question, is a data scientist can use this data ? And how he can access on it ?
I asked this question because usually I use PostgreSQL as a database, so a data scientist can access on a data because are stored in a tables. I would like to use Elasticsearch because it have many services like logstash to filter data, kibana to do a dashboards.
So I'm looking for this subject, if I use elastcisearch as a database, how a data scientist can access on a data.

Thanks in advance.

you can access your data in many ways. Basically all the data is stored across the nodes. If you want to get data out you will have to run a query. You can run queries in Kibana, Postman, in your own programms and web applications. You will access elasticsearch over its IP and port. In the query you can define what you are looking for. You can search for timestamps, values, words, scentences, whatever. In the result you will get back all the data that matches the query.


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Elasticsearch has a SQL integration layer as well -

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This may be of interest too if Python is your thing


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