How do a pre load a visualization after fresh deployment


I redeploy my elk-stack frequently and would like to load exported visualizations and dashboards at startup.

This worked fine in elk 5.6.3 but in elk 6.1 the procedure has changed or possible there are no procedure to do it.

In 5.6.3 I did like this:
curl -s -XPUT 'http://elasticsearch.service.consul:9200/.kibana/visualization/System_Navigation' -H "kbn-version:5.6.3" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d@/visualization/System_Navigation.json

The same command works find in .kibana-6 index but kibana does not look at the same pace for visualizations and dashboards as before.

How can I upload visualizations and dashboards using curl?


Hi @mathias,

In 6.0, we removed mapping types from newly created indices. Because of that, we made changes to the .kibana index.

From your example, the .kibana/visualization/path will not work because there is no mapping type for visualization in the .kibana index. It's just doc now. A valid endpoint would be: /.kibana/doc/System_Navigation.


@mathias Hey mathias, i am trying to do the same thing. Were your issue resolved using the mentioned solution.

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