How do add a third party plugin to integ test cluster before running tests?

(kuruf) #1

I have a plugin I'm developing that relies on another person's plugin. I would like to add their plugin to the list of plugins installed on the integ test cluster in my gradle file. What's the best way to do that?

(kuruf) #2

Also where would I find the most up to date information around using integTestCluster/integTestRunner?

(Ryan Ernst) #3

It depends how you consume the other plugin. If it is in maven, you can use mavenPlugin like this:

integTestCluster {
    mavenPlugin 'mygroup:myartifact:1.0.0'

If the plugin is another project within your build, you can specify that project:

integTestCluster {
    plugin ':path:to:plugin'

Unfortunately those are the only two ways using the legacy ClusterFormationTasks that integ tests were built with, although you might be able to install a plugin from a file using setupCommand.

For up to date information, at the moment, you would need to follow the development in the elasticsearch repo, under buildSrc. There is a lot of great stuff happening there, which we intend to document for plugin developers, but there is no specific timeline.