How do add Junt Test in ES6 plugin

(jack ) #1

Dear All
I want to add a Junit Test for the elasticsearch-analysis-ik
project, read the official documents there are haves many questions.

Can give me more detailed instructions or examples for ElasticSearch6 and Maven.
Currently found information is the old version(ES2 ES5) at Google.

Thank you
Wish you happy every day in the new year .

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

Can you please be more exact what your problem is?

You can import the dependency and then extend your tests from ESTestCase. There are more things to do like ensuring the security manager is always active (which I dont know how that works with mvn) - but you could go from there.


(jack ) #3

Dear Alex
Thank you give me a keyword ESTestCase . I find some rare description in official website,but I will not use gradle .
please give me a sample code "How do use ESTestCase in maven and es6.1".
Currently only found document about ESTestCase , all for ES 5.X , I not sure he is working properly.

(Alexander Reelsen) #4

I use gradle, so I do not have an example ready.

Please state what your actual problem is, so others can take a look as well.


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