How do i add my font style in kibana code

I want to use a different font style for my kibana code.

  1. Usually we download the font and keep it in a particular location in the code repo
  2. Using @font-face we define the path to the font.
  3. Use the name defined to @font-face to use the font.

But this approach did not work for me. Can any one please let me know how do i do this in kibana?

What approach? Did you place the font file and steps 1 - 3 within the Kibana source code itself? Then did you alter any other code within Kibana, such as what Kibana is using for standard fonts?

I'm in the plugin development mindset, so I just wonder what you did or what you plan on doing with this font change.

@Kikketer Thanks for the reply. Yes i placed the font file in kibana source code and followed steps 1 - 3 within kibana source code itself and altered the code within kibana to use my fonts. It worked.
I am not planning to develop any plugins. I wanted my dashboards to use this custom font. That is the reason i did this.
I wanted to know if this is the right way to add a custom font in kibana. Or is there any better approach ?


That would be the angle I would use since you are changing the font of a built in component. You will just have to now merge updates as they move in, not a big deal :slight_smile:

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