How do I automate these steps?

open kibana.

click dashboard.

click saved dashboard.

change time range to 7 days.

click discover.

change time range to 7 days.

click open.

click saved search.

log_level:"ERROR" AND (log_text:"" OR log_text:"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" OR log_text:"java.sql.SQLException" OR log_text:"" OR log_text:"org.apache.avro.SchemaParseException" OR log_text:"Cannot allocate memory" OR log_text:"I/O error")

click add button next to fields log_date, log_time, log_level, log_text.

copy putsql id from log_text.



open nifi ui.

paste id from above in nifi ui search.

get the nifi processor.


Probably use something like Selenium?

This definitely is out of scope of Kibana.

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