How do I construct a query with join query and aggs ?

This is the case:
I have two type

sessions's mapping:
    u'sessions': {u'_all': {u'enabled': False},
                           u'dynamic': u'false',
                           u'properties': {
                                    u'rt': {u'index': u'not_analyzed', u'type': u'string'},
                                    u'sid': {u'index': u'not_analyzed', u'type': u'string'},
                                    u'ch': {u'index': u'not_analyzed', u'type': u'string'}

u'events': {
                   u'_all': {u'enabled': False}, 
                   u'_parent': {u'type': u'sessions'},
                   u'_routing': {u'required': True},
                               u'eid': {u'index': u'not_analyzed', u'type': u'string'}

i want to aggs the events by sessions's ch

like this:
"ch1" : 22, // 22 is event count
How do I construct a query?

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