How do i convert epoch millis time to date in ES using query?

Hi All,

I wanted to display the date_histogram facet in human readable format but it gives me the time in epoch millis , is there any way where i can convert it to normal date in query?

Query which i have tried
"facets": {
"0": {
"date_histogram": {
"field": "DEPLOY_TIME",
"interval": "1d",
"format': "dd-MM-yyyy"

but still above query giving me the date in epoch millis only (as shown below)
facets: {
0: {
_type: date_histogram
entries: [
time: 1390176000000
count: 4
time: 1391472000000
count: 1

need your help here to convert to normal date through ES query only.


Use aggregation instead of facet and you will get it.

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