How Do I create Rate Of Change Graphs in Kibana?

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Please I would like to know how I can implement Rate of change Visualisations over time in Kibana. I would like to create a visualisation showing the rate of change of student enrollment on the Y axis plotted against time (Years) on the X-axis. This implies plotting individual (non aggregated values) on the Y-axis against Year values on the X-axis. Some of the rate of change values are negative as well.

When I try this however, Kibana by default tries to aggregate this values and I do not want Kibana to aggregate the values at all. I just want it to Plot these individual values against the corresponding years in question like in the graph below.


I would like Kibana if possible to generate the rate of change values from a set of values which are also in the table.

So For example the first column in the table contain enrollment years. The second column contains the enrollment figures for the corresponding years in the first column.

Now, I would like Kibana to dynamically generate the "Rate of Change of enrollment" figures for the corresponding years and then plot these dynamically generated rate of change figures against the corresponding years .

I would be grateful if anybody can help me out with a solution to this problem

You could use a serial diff parent pipeline aggregation, which would show the difference between the enrollment in various years, but it doesn't really work on already aggregated data. For example, best situation would be when each doc in your index represents a student enrollment, this way it will count all the enrollments in a period and then create the serial diff for them.

Marius thank you for your reply/suggested solution to approach the problem I presented.

I will try it out and let you know how much progress I am able to make in this regard.

I am most grateful.

Thank You.


Dear Marius,

Concerning your advise on the above problem I tried to implement a rate of change visualisation using the derivative function but to know avail. Please see the screenshots of what i did below and please help me point out what exactly I am doing wrong.

Thank You.

I am trying to create a visualisation that shows the rate of change of Enrolment (Y-Axis) plotted against Year (X-axis).

Now in the raw table, each candidate has more than one recor where each record contains the student_id, subject, subject score. exam_year etc. So if a particular student sat for 4 subjects that implies he has 4 records in the table each containing his score in each subject with the student_id repeating 4 times.

So, in order to count the number of enrolled students I must use the unique count function on the student_id field instead of the count function because of the multiple records that exist for each student as I explained in the previous paragraph. This is shown in the image below. By the way I am using a vertical graph visualisation,

The next thing i did was to add another metric where I selected the derivative function. When I did this, I got an error. The subsequent selected parameters are shown in the image below.

Could you please help me identify what I did wrong at this point.

Please Note that at this point I have not yet defined the year field as my bucket on the X-axis.

Thank You


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