How do I delete a single "Types" from Indices?

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Hello there.
I am new in elastic search and I'm .net developer. I am using elastic search nest for my data, having One Indices name "XYZ" having multiple Types named like "AA", "BB", "CC" and "DD".
My question is that from multiple Types above mentioned I want to delete or remove particular Types "BB" with all data. Is this possible? How?

(Mark Walkom) #2
It's better if you split things out into their own indices :slight_smile:

(Rahul Saxena) #3

But I have code like this multiple Types into single Indices. For that I have to change whole code, and this is just an example. I have multiple numbers of Types into Multiple Indices. From that I have to remove or delete particular Types from its matching Indices.

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You may want to read these blog posts;

(David Pilato) #5

From 6.0 you can't create anymore multiple types per index.

Also even though in 5.x you can DELETE a type it is not going the remove the mapping but only documents.

Behind the scene it will mark documents as deleted. The actual removal will eventually happen later.
Less efficient than deleting an index.

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