How do I get Kibana credentials for On-Demand?


Just signed up for the Elasticsearch Engineer (On-Demand) course. I went through the lab setup and also created a Strigo account. I have access to the terminal and Kibana1 & Kibana2, but through this process, I didn't see any screen that provided me with the credentials which Kibana is asking for.

How do I get the credentials for Kibana in the labs?

Hi @Adebayo ,

you can find the credentials in the first step of lab 1 (getting started). Do you have access to lab instructions?


This is what I see in Step 1.

I'm sorry, but I meant lab instructions in Strigo.

Please click the Lab Instructions button, which is next to the Editor and Terminal buttons in Strigo, and you will see the credentials in step 1.


Ah seen! Thanks @Andre_Murbach_Maidl

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