How do I publish my Kibana to access other machines?

I am wanting to publish my Kibana for access to other machines via Browser, I have not yet entered a password and my license is basic ELK

Hello @FernandoMOTA

How are you running kibana?

Running through the machine's CMD, and using the browser, but I wanted to be able to access it through another machine and network, how to become public


This depends upon your machines and your network. Are both the server and client on the same network?

There's also the Elastic Cloud, which solves this for you -

I think so, I did the basic installation of ELK, and I have used it locally, do you know any tutorials to be able to make it public, even without this resource sent from the cloud?

Which operating system are you using when running kibana? Do you have security enabled? Are you running it from a machine that is already publicly accessible?

I am using Windows Server, I have not yet activated security and the machine is already a server for something else and I believe it is already accessible despite having to use the VPN, at first I do not want everyone to access it, but some people to test this function.

The first step is setting up security to make sure there isn't unauthorized access -

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I performed the security procedures, which pass should I follow now?

Are you able to ping the server running kibana from wherever you want it to be accessible?

No, it is only local yet

Then you need to make the machine publicly accessible. How you do that will depend upon your network configuration.

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