How do I restore certificate created on one node to other?

Hi Team,

I have created one setup for testing purpose where I installed complete elasticstack on one host with complete certificates.

In case if that host is crashed and If I need to resinstall the new host; how do I restore the certs from existing server to new server so that elastic-agent can start communicating to new server?

Blason R

Hi @Blason

I think a many possibilities depending on in which context your are using Elastic.

The simplest approach would probably be to store the certificates in a Java key store and push the key store to your git repository.

If your setup is production you could build your could combine git with a certificate package building tool like apt or chocolatey.

You could also take a look at tools like Terraform or Ansible.

Best regards

Well I have SIEM server where my certificates is pushed to all windows servers and in case the serves crashes I can restore the server and wanted to restore the certificates as well so that they can start communicating immediately.

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