How do I store the data from an Elasticsearch store

(Hi, I am totally new to Elastic search, so sorry if this is very basic question.)

I have an Elasticsearch store running in background using docker.

I have added some files and corresponding embeddings to it and now I want to properly save it to share it with others(maybe push it to gcp or HF Hub somehow...)

Can someone please tell me how to do it efficiently? Some pointers would be great!

Hi @susnato,

Welcome! Can you share what you mean by "I have added some files and corresponding embeddings". Have you ingested your files into an Elasticsearch index and want to share the documents with a service running on GCP? Or do you mean you want to push your running Elasticsearch cluster to run in GCP?

Hi @carly.richmond, thanks for replying and apologies for the delay from my side,

Actually I have an elasticsearch document store running on a VM and I used haystack to add some files and embeddings to it. Now I want to save the state of the document store along with all the files and embeddings as a backup(maybe dump it to a gcp bucket or something...)
Could you please give me some pointers about what would be the best way to save so that I can load them back whenever I want with ease?

No worries at all @susnato. It sounds like you want to create a snapshot. I would recommend having a look at the snapshot and restore documentation to setup a repository.

Hope that helps!

Thanks just finished creating a snapshot.

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