How do I tell Elastic which mount to use for disk statistics

I have various mounts on the host that Elastic runs on and Elastic is getting disk statistics from the wrong mount. How do I specify the right mount?

  Filesystem               Type       Size          Mounted on 
  overlay                  overlay    500G          /
  /dev/disk-disk           xfs        2T            /data

I want to tell Elastic to use the xfs mount for statistics not the overlay one.

You can't. Elasticsearch uses the statistics for the filesystem containing its data. It wouldn't make any sense to use the statistics from a different filesystem.

Yea it doesn't make sense to get stats from a directory you don't use.

My problem was i wasn't specifying the right directory. Elastic assumes you are putting data in /usr/share/elasticsearch/data unless you specifically change that path. I need to specify my path.


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