How do I use environment variables when running as service?

I am using Logstash v5.1.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 and my logstash conf file includes an environment variable reference to set the output graphite server, but I cannot get it to work when running as a service.

My config file contains (missing a few lines for clarity):
graphite {
host => "${GRAPHITE_SERVER}"

and my /etc/environment file contains:

Yet with configuration file logging, I see:
fetched an invalid config {}
reason=>"Cannot evaluate ${GRAPHITE_SERVER}. Environment variable GRAPHITE_SERVER is not set and there is no default value given."

This does work if I run logstash from bash manually.

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks.

Hi @astickler,

I haven't tried it on 16.04 but on 14.04 it works when exporting it in /etc/default/logstash.
I know, it sounds strange to prefix with export in that file, see for discussion.

14.04 uses upstart while 16.04 is using systemd, so they are probably souring the file in different ways, but it's worth a try.

Hi Jakob - I had already tried that, but it also doesn't work.

I just tried this on a 16.04 VM and adding it to /etc/default/logstash with the export prefixed resulted in:

systemd[1]: logstash.service: Ignoring invalid environment assignment 'export LS_FPATH=/tmp/': /etc/default/logstash

However, just using LS_FPATH="/tmp/" worked for me.

# cat /etc/default/logstash 

# echo 123 | ncat localhost 5011

# cat /tmp/lsout.log 

# cat /etc/logstash/conf.d/ls.conf 
input {
	tcp { port => 5011}

output {
	file {
		path => "${LS_FPATH}/lsout.log"

I tested with Logstash 5.1.2, mind giving that a try and using my simple config, for testing?

Jakob - this is good news, your test worked with my currently installed 5.1.1 version, and when I tried the same with my config.

I know I tried this before and it didn't work, but I have realised I may have been confused by old errors in the logstash_plain log because my service is taking nearly 2 minutes to start (I am on an AWS instance, and although I have improved the entropy, it appears it's not yet good enough).

Anyway - all working now - thanks for your help.

Glad to hear it's working now. About the entropy issue, see this GH issue, you might want to give haveged a try. Worked good for me to resolve this.

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